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zauls 12.09.2022 09:56
nereaali, ka ?is ir dziivs. Tas ir kaa alu cilveeku ziimejumus no pagaatnes peetiit.
Smiga 01.09.2022 12:18
Sveicu visus ar jaun? m?c?bu gada s?kumu
udzha 16.07.2022 11:22
T? t? dz?ve paiet!
mati 12.03.2022 19:45
Kad jauns dzimumdz?v
Upis 17.11.2021 17:14
Sveicieni valsts svetkos!
QGWIEB1WRN9QL3RWX... 22.09.2021 16:13
QGWIEB1WRN9QL3RWXF www.google.com Where are you located ? I want to come to you one of these days
Della 22.07.2021 16:47
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Krika 23.05.2021 12:48
smiga 22.05.2021 14:28
Krika 19.05.2021 13:08
Un jaa- smiga Tev gan laba atminja :)
Krika 19.05.2021 13:00
Ta tachu viena skaista dziesma :) . Negaiditi :) It sevishcki, ja klausaas kadas 100 reizes :) haa haa
smiga 18.05.2021 17:32
Dereetu sakaartot garumziimes, bet pohuj. Kaadreiz tak taa vien raxtijaam
smiga 18.05.2021 17:29
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smiga 18.05.2021 17:20
Plurkstetava ir kaa slowfood, l?na sarakste, izbaudot :))
Krika 18.05.2021 12:25
Nu gan br?numi, te v?ljoproj?m cilv?ki sarakst?s? :) Tikai krietni ret?k.
Upis 07.05.2021 11:56
Lapinen priek
Paul 01.05.2021 17:47
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Mati 18.04.2021 13:10
Kas jauns dzimumdz?v?? 🤔
Upis 26.02.2021 09:25
Sandi prieka!
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